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At Delft, he did an extensive study of the energy effi ciency of the polyolefi n industry, for which activity DSM acted as host. Hedzer J. In the last decade, he worked closely together with Sankaranarayanan on the subject of this book, assisted by many students. New and updated information includes: A new chapter dedicated to the increasing levels of CO 2 emissions, with special attention to the removal and storage of CO 2 A new chapter on the rapidly emerging hydrogen economy An extended chapter on lifecycle analysis that examines the fate of the quality of energy during the lifecycle Increased focus on integrating the environment into the thermodynamic analysis of the systems or processes considered New problem sets and exercises Complete with the keys to a quantification of process efficiency and sustainability, this cutting-edge resource is the ideal guide for those engaged in the transition from fossil-based fuels to renewable and sustainable energy sources using low-waste procedures.

Leia mais Leia menos. The chemical industry creates the products that help make sustainability possible while championing industry-led performance initiatives designed to improve product stewardship and enhance environmental performance. Global Product Strategy. Cleaner Energy Sources. Nearly all renewable energy sources and technologies — wind, solar, natural gas and new vehicle technologies — depend on innovations in chemistry to become more efficient, affordable and scalable.

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Energy Efficient Materials. Chemistry makes possible the new technologies and materials needed for sustainable construction and urban mobility, including new insulation, adhesives, sealants and lightweight materials used by both the construction and transport sectors.

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Life-Saving Medicines. Medical breakthroughs and innovative technologies made possible by chemistry provide a deeper understanding of human health and the causes of, and better treatments for, infectious diseases, enabling people to live longer and healthier lives. Plentiful Food Supply.

Advances in chemistry play an instrumental role in increasing agricultural production to feed a global community. Safe Drinking Water.

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Chemistry is essential to safe drinking water. An Essential Enterprise. Driving Innovation in 6 Continents. We have businesses in virtually every nation, driving innovation in six continents around the world. Supporting 20 Million Jobs.

Efficiency and Sustainability in the Energy and Chemical Industries

We continue to create jobs around the world, supporting more than million men and women in chemicals, construction, manufacturing, transportation and more. Solvay Video: Solvay products on board Solar Impulse Greatest Hits Solvay provides 15 innovative products applied in more than 6, parts that help harvest and store energy, optimize fuel consumption and lightweight the Solar Impulse plane. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series.

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  • New Releases. Description Translating fundamental principles of irreversible thermodynamics into day-to-day engineering concepts, this reference provides the tools to accurately measure process efficiency and sustainability in the power and chemical industries-helping engineers to recognize why losses occur and how they can be reduced utilizing familiar thermodynamic principles. Compares the present industrial society with an emerging metabolic society in which mass production and consumption are in closer harmony with the natural environment.

    Sustainable Chemical Industry: new materials, bio-aromatics, electrification

    The first book to utilize classic thermodynamic principles for clear understanding, analysis, and optimization of work flows, environmental resources, and driving forces in the chemical and power industries. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Other books in this series. Add to basket. Integrated Biorefineries Paul R. Lithium-Ion Batteries Xianxia Yuan. Hydrogen Safety Fotis Rigas. Materials in Biology and Medicine Sunggyu Lee.

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