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This is a crisis that will shake the faith of millions of JWs. Here are the facts. Read More. The faith of millions of Jehovah's Witnesses is about to receive a shock. The Watchtower Society teaches that they are members of the , who will be the only ones going to heaven. Membership in this group began with the early apostles.

Over the centuries others have been added but the Watchtower declared that the number was completed in However, the Watchtower Society teaches that these are the only ones who hear from God and are responsible for Watchtower teaching and leadership. Because these people are dying, the Watchtower is facing a credibility crisis. So, the Watchtower is quietly manipulating these death figures to keep the Watchtower organization alive!

And now, just last year, Watchtower literature quietly began to try to wiggle out of the closing date for the , In fact, they are the only ones allowed to take communion. He does not believe he can understand Bible truths without the Watchtower. Who are those writers? Those who remain of the original , and they are dying! Oddly enough, their founder, Charles Taze Russell, never taught the doctrine of the , Well they have been given a year to move out..

It is a horrible thing and one cannot help but think, who in their right mind expects to be a permanent guest of the Bethel family? These are consequences of the false prophecies these elderly ones gambled their entire life on. They are horrified with the thought of having to think and make moral judgements for themselves. It could be a way of making a monetary contribution to the site. They even offer the first book for free, with no obligation to buy more. It has literally saved my life. Do people really do that? Jog I mean. I sort of do a zombie shuffle to the coffee pot.

Just being able to vent,is helpful!!

I think that Robert is alluding to not Orson Welles but George Orwell, who wrote the the novel , in which everything and everyone is watched carefully and everything is totally controlled by the state to the last detail! The connection with. For any building project soil tests are usually required. Is it wise to build on contaminated soil, or disturb the sediment in a lake known to contain contaminates? Measures need to be put in place to prevent overflows and contamination. If the building site is known to be contaminated and the lake also.

Why continue to build? Comment on the lake valve and diver. It could be more than just hide lavish spending. This lake is not a private lake. It is a New York state park and maybe they installed a valve without official permission. Also they need US Amry Engineering permits to alter waterways. I know ba out this stuff…its part of my business has an environmental engineer.

Also there is condo complex downstream that could be in danger of flooding if Watchtower let flood wAters loose. I plan to inquire with the State Park about the valve and whether an environmental impact assessment news done for this valve. When the use of land changes from industrial to otherwise.

The new owners would have done a due diligence study as a precaution. Re known contamination of soil and water from the previous manufacturing at the site, next to the lake. The previous owners could have put the valve in place to prevent sediment in the lake from being disturbed and contaminates overflowing. There must be records why the valve was put there in the first place? The valve appears to be a measure to prevent overflows. This sounds like a wonderful end to the bOrg, John.

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The seem so unassailable. Power corrupts… Absolute power corrupts absolutely. By their deeds, you will know them… By their lies, you will see them. By their victims cries, you will hear them. They are building themselves a glass tower.

Criticism of Jehovah's Witnesses

They really shouldnt have thrown all those rocks!!! The mighty have farther to fall to disgrace. Their holyer than thou self centeredness will be quite the humble pie to eat. Of course, our circumstances may change with the passing of time. For instance, some members of the Bethel family in the United States have been reassigned to the field and are nowenjoying abundant blessings in other forms of the full-time ministry. Because of advancing age or other factors, others who were in the traveling work have now received special pioneer assignments.

Read Proverbs Imagine, my brother-in-law has been at bethel since when he was 19, for 41 years, read longer than he has been anywhere else in his life. My sister since , 30 years. She is 51, and he is Can you imagine a 60 yr old man having had his clothes washed, meals cooked, room cleaned all of his life, now having to get busy doing all of that and working a secular job as a regular pioneer? OMG, and they claim to be loving.

O ye of small faith……. Can you tell by his lack of education shown by his spelling mistakes and lack of proper grammar, together with his superior attitude and lack of compassion? None of u seem to be interested in jw ideologies so why are u so interested in cut back of bethelites?

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Get a life pls. None of jws will knock at ur door and beg for food ever. In the United States, there is government housing and welfare and food stamps and if your income is low, the government will provide very cheap rent for you and that is what a lot of pioneers do. Then there are lots of charities that have food pantries and churches and doctors work together to help the poor with doctor bills and dentistry. All that stuff is done in secret. And then you have men who pioneer and live off of their wives working full time and women who are able to pioneer because their husband has a good job and then you have grown kids living with their parents and their parents are supporting them.

No, what I am questioning is whether or not this is an organisation that He could possibly still be using! The putting out of faithful brothers and sisters onto the streets to sink or swim as best they can….. No stranded jws will not knock on your doors. I encourage you to use every opportunity available to witness the real truth to them when they come knocking on your door.

The truth that leads to eternal life can only be found in Jesus our Lord and Savior as revealed in His word. He is the true channel not the org. I was a pioneer for 11 years before I came to this realization and then went to Bethel and disassociated myself. I now have been serving here in Indonesia for the last 5 years and continue to pray regularly for their courage to turn and serve the Lord as we as Christians are called to do. Praying for your finding real peace in Him.

While I was a Witness, I lived behind the Watchtower mask presented for public consumption. Their true faces are, at best, repulsive and cruel. No one joins a cult, you get sucked in and swallowed. Yes, I feel no love whatsoever for those disgusting people.


I shall always hate them, and never forgive them. Since I first started hearing about it in the s, I have been very glad to see that the Watchtower False Prophet Society has been having difficulties.

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And I like it like that. But for me there is a NO GO, if things happen like with my wife. Maybe I should tell you, my wife is disabled and in a wheelchair, beside this she has serious mental problems and due to this she can easily be manipulated. What happen with my wife is like a criminal robbing a handicapped person. It sounds like your the crazy one. Your saying your wife is disabled and mental, shes a reflection of you, is that how you see your self?

If you loved your wife you wouldnt say those things about her, I dont know her but Im sure she deserves better. Dwindling membership, less income to the Controllers. The gent in the video that was begging for donations — is he really as illiterate as he sounds? The Door-to-Door pamphlet passers are just a recruitment tool — happy-smiley glad-hand come-on.

You spend a lot of time, speaking negatively of Jehovsh Wirnesses. First, I thought you were to into Prince, now your angry that Jehovah Witnesses are moving out of New York city to the suburbs. Whenever Armagaddon happens it will be worldwide not one place. I really dont see what the big deal is, why are you so consumed with Jehovahs Witnesses.

The haves and have-nots: four cities in crisis | Cities | The Guardian

So they rejected you get over it, really why would you want to be part of a cult? Guys u shd b worried your bosses may not consider kicking u out of your posts n instead replacing u with honest dedicated exbethelites. I tell u wat. They are mostly trustworthy. I pity you for your painful comments……you must be hurting too much inside that you wanted it much to blurt it out, but it is your freedom to speak what you want.

For whatever reason…….. Behind the shantytown fabric of tents, mud and abject squalor, there were the beginnings of a self-organised urban ecosystem. An informal high street emerged, lined with basic restaurants and shops, phone-charging booths and hairdressers, with people offering quick beard-trims while squatting in the street. Volunteers from across Europe built a school and a daycare centre for children, along with a library, a couple of mosques, a church, a refugee advice centre, an art therapy tent, medical clinics and even a radio station.

Along with gloves, ear-warmers and cigarettes, the shops stocked plenty of high-caffeine drinks. That was something the city was particularly keen to avoid. Long a destination for weekending Brits in search of cheap booze, Calais had by now become something of a ghost town, evacuated of the usual tourists, who were fearful of the encampment on its doorstep.

Instead, it was suddenly home to hundreds of journalists in search of their own hot take on the Jungle. What story are you looking for? One thing I know for sure: your venture will be a failure. Beneath the ornately painted ceiling and romanesque arches that spring from huge marble columns, bodies fill every space on the rows of wooden benches.

And it is one of the only such safe havens during the daytime. Yet the daylight hours provide their best chance for peace. The queue outside St Boniface extends around the block by 6am every morning, with over a hundred people on average waiting to get some rest and access church amenities like bathrooms, blankets, clothing vouchers and haircuts.

As the rise of the Bay Area tech industry has driven up rents and the rate of evictions, San Francisco is struggling to house its low-income residents more than ever before. While statistics compiled by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development show that homelessness has been declining steadily across the country since , the west coast is a different story. It was announced a week after city officials had cleared out a sprawling homeless encampment under a highway overpass where as many as people had been living in tents and makeshift shelters.

A few blocks away from St Boniface church stands the gleaming white headquarters of Airbnb , a former factory building now kitted out with themed meeting rooms modelled on holiday rentals offered through the home-sharing platform — including tents and camper-vans. Across the street stands a line of tents of a different kind, home to community of around 20 people sheltering beneath the flyover.

John Pobuda , a year-old former US army private from Minnesota, is one resident of the undercroft below the deck of Interstate 80, who manages to scratch a living from what Airbnb throws in the trash. Own a limited edition print by Guardian photographer David Levene. Follow Guardian Cities on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram to join the discussion, and explore our archive here.