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Sample Pages: 1 2 3. In response to actual questions many people have asked him about angels and demons, well-known author and philosopher Peter Kreeft separates fact from fantasy and myth from reality as he answers common questions about these spiritual beings.

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Based on a very popular college course he teaches on this subject, this book responds to the incredible amount of interest in angelic beings and attempts to clear up some of the misinformation abounding in the numerous books today on what we know about these mysterious spirits. Drawing on the Bible, traditional Church teaching and St. Thomas Aquinas, Kreeft gives straight, clear answers to the perennial and philosophical questions asked about angels and demons throughout time. How do angels communicate with God?

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How do angels communicate with us? Do demons, or devils, or evil spirits really exist? For the first time in years the Catholic Church has authorized an official Catechism of the Catholic Church. Using this official Catechism, Peter Kreeft presents a complete compendium of all the major beliefs of Catholicism in his readable, concise style.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church was written for the express purpose of grounding and fostering catechisms based on it for local needs and ordinary readers, and Kreeft does just that. He offers a thorough summary of Catholic doctrine, morality, and worship in a popular format with less technical language. This book is the most thorough, complete, and popular summary of Catholic beliefs as represented in the universal Catechism. With the spirit of C. Here is a book to help you understand your faith more fully and have a ready defense of your hope for others.

Like every religion, Catholicism has three aspects, corresponding to the three innate needs of the soul. Kreeft uses these three needs as the basic outline for his Christian apologetics. First, every religion has some beliefs, whether expressed in creeds or not, something for the intellect to know.

Second, every religion has some duty or deed, some practice of program, some moral or ethical code, something for the will to choose. With unusual clarity, Kreeft points out that the man or woman who begins to glimpse the God who is creator, redeemer, and lover of our souls, will never be the same. Posing the hard questions about love that rankle the heart, Peter Kreeft never settles for easy answers.

A major book on the subject of heaven, this expanded edition examines the hunger for heaven that is so strong in all of us. Fascinating and upbeat, Heaven, the Heart's Deepest Longing thoroughly explores the psychological and theological dimensions of this search for total joy and for the ultimate reality that grounds it. Sample Pages: 1 2 3 4 5. In one of his most penetrating books, Peter Kreeft ponders the meaning of a terminal illness we all have: death.

The three vital questions of life, death, and God are approached through a variety of human experiences. He claims he himself is still a beginner in prayer, and this book is for all those, like him, who feel that they are not good at praying but desire to become better at it. Kreeft offers simple-yet-profound advice and practical steps for developing a prayer life based on the time-tested wisdom of the saints and great spiritual writers, drawing especially from principles found in the classic from Brother Lawrence: The Practice of the Presence of God.

In short, straight-forward, and unsentimental chapters, Kreeft covers all the key areas necessary for understanding and developing that intimate form of communication with our creator that we call prayer. In his typical lucid and original style, Peter Kreeft explores many aspects and questions about prayer, the center of our spiritual lives.

In a series of imaginative dialogues, Kreeft shows how prayer can be an exciting adventure, an inexhaustible joy, and a source of wisdom and strength. Kreeft communicates a vision for prayer that becomes a profound conversation with the God who creates, redeems, and sustains us—the most important conversation in human life.

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Packer , professor of theology, Regent College. But it is also an epic played out in our hearts and lives, here and now. Love is the final answer to the quest of Ecclesiastes, the alternative to vanity, and the true meaning of life.

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  • And, we measure Jesus by our standard instead of measuring our standard by Him. When is our anger righteous—and when is it a sin? What is the difference between being virtuous—and merely ethical? Back to Virtue clears up these and countless other questions that beset Christians today. Kreeft summarizes scriptural and theological wisdom on leading a holy life while also contrasting Christian virtue with other ethical systems. He applies traditional moral theology to present-day dilemmas.

    Kreeft restores to us what was once common knowledge: the seven deadly sins have an antidote in the Beatitudes. By setting up a close contrast between the two sets of behaviors, Kreeft offers battle-tested guidance in the often bewildering process of discerning right from wrong as we move into the twenty-first century. He provides a road map of virtue, a map for our earthly pilgrimage synthesized from the accumulated wisdom of centuries of Christians, from Paul and the early church fathers to C. Few writers have more lucidly grasped the meaning of modern times than Lewis.

    In this volume Kreeft lays out ten important questions he says everyone should ask. He tackles each of these questions in a logical step-by-step way, like climbing the rungs of a ladder. Because questions are best answered by dialogue, Kreeft answers these fundamental questions in an imaginary conversation between two very different people who meet at the beach. However, when it comes to the most important questions a person can ask, mere interest in philosophy will not do.

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    The passion for truth does not stop there. It carries the reader from one page to the next in this thought-provoking adventure. Kreeft sees Atheistic and agnostic writers aggressively attacking traditional religious beliefs. In this work designed for teens and young adults, Kreeft tackles sixteen crucial issues about the deeper meaning of life. He answers questions like: Is faith reasonable? Can you prove there is a God? Why is Jesus different?

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    Why is sex so confusing? Why is there evil? Kreeft provides thoughtful, lucid, and persuasive answers for believers, unbelievers, and seekers to consider. This book is ideal for those exploring faith for the first time, as well as for confirmation and religious education classes.

    In this volume, Peter Kreeft argues that no idea is more fateful for civilization than moral relativism, and that history knows not one example of a successful society which repudiated moral absolutes. In this fun and accessible volume, Kreeft sets up a dialogue between an absolutist and a relativist that fleshes out the major arguments for both sides, ultimately finding the relativist position to be untenable.

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    • Abortion remains a crucial issue in American politics. Kreeft argues that it is illogical to support abortion rights while claiming to be personally opposed to abortion. In this volume Kreeft tackles many of the tough questions facing Christianity today. In a series of imaginative dialogues, Sal the Seeker and Chris the Christian deal with the profound mysteries of the Gospel. The result is a book that is both engaging and profound. It is wiser to look at Christianity honestly now. As a renowned Body Language Expert she demonstrates her skills in numerous fields.

      As a sought after Media Expert she shares her perspective concerning news events. In her private practice she has trained politicians, world leaders, sports figures, and countless Award Winning Celebrities from Dustin Hoffman whom she coached to sound like a woman for Tootsie, Sean Connery, Julio Iglesias, Dolly Parton, Will Smith, and a host of others too numerous to name enhance their verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

      The highlight of her career was teaching deaf actress Marlee Matlin how to speak publicly for the very first time at the Academy Awards ceremonies. She currently applies her skills in the legal field where she is an expert witness, jury and trial consultant, and mediator. One of her most dramatic cases involved a plaintiff whom a jury initially found unlikeable during a mock trial and was awarded him no compensation, After Dr.

      Lillian Glass.